Navigating the world of finances has all the ups and downs of climbing a mountain. There’s a lot to learn, and every time you’ve mastered one hill, there’s another one to take its place. But figuring out credit cards shouldn’t be as hard as scaling Mount Everest.

So, consider us your personal financial coach. We’re here to help navigate those hills and valleys with you!


There are lots of advantages to having a credit card (don’t worry, we’ll get into some of those reasons in a little bit!). But the most important reason to own a credit card is how easily it can help establish and build your credit history.

Credit history impacts your credit score, which is one of the things financial institutions use to determine how financially trustworthy you are. When handled responsibly, credit cards can actually help improve your credit score!


While the biggest advantage of having a credit card is what it can do to help your credit score, there are three key other benefits of credit card ownership.

  1. Security. Credit cards are more secure than cash. You never have to worry about your card if it gets lost or stolen. Even if, for some reason, fraudulent charges are made with your card, financial institutions work with you so you aren’t personally out the cash.
  2. Rewards & Perks. Most credit cards come with added benefits. The rewards can vary between cards, so be sure to pick one that best suits your needs. Maybe you’re a frequent flyer? Some cards allow you to earn points towards plane tickets or hotel stays.
  3. Convenience. When out and about, it’s nice to only have to keep up with a single card instead of various bills and loose change. There’s less need to stop by your financial institution to deposit or withdraw cash, or even to use an ATM. Plus, if you ever did find yourself in need of cash, many places allow cashback with your credit card. So, it’s a win-win!

All of these are things to take into consideration when evaluating if it’s the right time to open a new credit card. What's best for you will depend on your stage of life, your money habits, and your financial goals.

Trying to decide what type of card might be right for you? Don’t forget to consider Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union Visa® Credit Cards! They have no annual fee, offer rewards redeemable for cash, and have a fixed interest rate (instead of a variable interest rate that is more prone to fluctuating). We also have security features included with our credit cards to help keep you safe, such as Control My Card by KTVAECU®, an app that allows you to easily monitor spending and turn your card on or off with ease. It works by sending text notifications whenever your card is used. So if you receive a text and know you didn’t use your card, simply log in and turn your card off. We also offer Two-Way Fraud Text Alerts for extra security. Visit for more information about our credit card options.