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Keep Your Money Secure


At Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union, we know keeping your private information safe is more important than ever, and that’s why we work diligently to keep our Members’ information secure!

KTVAECU will never contact you to solely ask for your card PIN, card security code, or online banking credentials.

Control My Card by KTVAECU®1

When you open a debit or credit card, you have full control. Use Control My Card by KTVAECU® to turn your cards on and off anytime, anywhere! You can also control when and where you can use your card, as well as which merchants the card can be accepted at. Plus, Control My Card by KTVAECU® allows for real-time alerts on all purchases.

Parents can use Control My Card by KTVAECU® to monitor their kids’ card activity and manage where they can use their cards.


Card Fraud Text Alerts2

Scammers and other fraudsters don’t take time off, and neither do we! Whenever you open a debit or credit card with us, you’re automatically enrolled in our Card Fraud Text Alerts Program. If there is any suspicious activity on your account, we’ll text you. If you don’t recognize the transaction, you can file a dispute claim over the phone, online, or in a branch!

You can change your Card Fraud Text Alerts in online banking.


Online Banking3 Security Features

Online Banking makes monitoring your accounts quick and simple, and with security features like security questions, password requirements, and two-step verification, your accounts are more secure than ever!

Mobile Banking4 Security Features

When you use our mobile app, you have the same security protection as online banking but with the convenience of accessing your account on-the-go! Depending on your mobile device’s capabilities, log in options like facial recognition or fingerprint recognition allow you to access your accounts instantly and securely. Mobile banking makes it easier than ever to monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

Text Alerts5

Text Alerts can be set up through online banking, so you don’t miss a thing on your accounts! You can set up alerts for deposits, purchases, or even when your balance falls below a certain amount.