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Business Accounts

Take control of your money with Online Access for Business Accounts

KTVAECU® now has even more powerful online banking tools for business owners with Online Access for Business Accounts! With Online Access for Business Accounts, you manage who has access to your online banking business account. With Online Access, you decide who can:

  • Make and/or schedule transfers
  • Export account history
  • View eStatements
  • Use Bill Pay
  • And much more!

Find out more about how Online Access can help you manage your business BETTER!


Business Savings and Checking Accounts

Business Savings/Member-Managed Funds Accounts

Business savings accounts earn competitive dividend rates. The Member-Managed Funds Account provides the highest return on savings.

Visit us to open a business savings account:


*Member-Managed funds may be designated as a savings or checking account. Subject to change. Ask for details.

Business Checking Accounts

The Credit Union offers free and preferred business checking accounts.

It’s easy to keep a close eye on Credit Union Business Checking accounts 24/7 through online banking. Access account information, print check copies, check on all past transactions, set up automatic transfers and much more.

Free bill pay allows you to schedule payments, set up automatic payments for recurring expenses, and save on stamps, checks, envelopes and gas used to go to the post office!

Visit us to open a business savings account:


Federally Insured by NCUA. Available to qualifying Members. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

Personalize your card!

  • Business logo
  • Photo of your business
  • Or use a stock photo!

Image specifications:

  • Image can be jpeg, png, gif or tiff
  • Image must be at least 840 x 840 pixels (no more than 10 MB)
  • Image must not contain copyrighted or inappropriate material

Each card is $40 and will be mailed to you 15 business days after submitting your order.

Your account must be in good standing with the Credit Union and funds available in the account at the time the order is placed. Cards will not be ordered if funds are not available.


Business Checking Account Comparison

* Preferred accounts earn dividends with maintenance of $1,500 balance. Dividends not available with free account.
** Statements available electronically through online banking.
*** No monthly fee on preferred business checking account if $1,500 balance is maintained.

Online Banking:Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details.
Bill Pay:Available to qualifying Members. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details. Message and data rates may apply.
Overdraft Protection:If, on any date, the available balance in your share or deposit accounts is not sufficient to pay the full amount of a check, draft, transaction, or other item, plus any applicable fee, that is posted to your account, we may return the item or pay it, as described below. The Credit Union's determination of an insufficient available account balance may be made at any time between presentation and the Credit Union's midnight deadline with only one review of the account required. We do not have to notify you if your account does not have a sufficient available balance in order to pay an item. Your account may be subject to a fee for each item regardless of whether we pay or return the item. We may charge a fee each time an item is submitted or resubmitted for payment; therefore, you may be assessed more than one fee as a result of a returned item and resubmission(s) of the returned item. If we offer standard overdraft services, this service allows us to authorize payment for the following types of transactions regardless of whether your share or deposit account has sufficient funds: (1) share drafts/checks and other transactions made using your checking account, except as otherwise described below; (2) automatic bill payments; (3) and ACH transactions. For ATM and one-time debit card transactions, you must affirmatively consent to such coverage. Without your consent, the Credit Union may not authorize and pay an ATM or one-time debit card transaction that will result in insufficient funds in your account. If you have established a service linking your share or deposit account with other individual or joint accounts, you authorize us to transfer funds from another account of yours to cover an insufficient item, including transfers from a share or deposit account, an overdraft line-of-credit account, or other account you so designate. Services and fees for these transactions are shown in the document the Credit Union uses to capture your affirmative consent and the Fee Schedule. Except as otherwise agreed in writing, if we exercise our right to use our discretion to pay such items that result in an insufficiency of funds in your account, we do not agree to pay them in the future and may discontinue coverage at any time without notice. If we pay these items or impose a fee that results in insufficient funds in your account, you agree to pay the insufficient amount, including the fee assessed by us, in accordance with our standard overdraft services or any other service you may have authorized with us or, if you do not have such protections with us, in accordance with any overdraft payment policy we have, as applicable.