Winterizing your house can save you hundreds of dollars. Whether it’s getting an $800 electric bill after a snowstorm or having a pipe burst, there’s no need for added expenses. I’ve looked through a countless number of blogs to try and find the best tips, and found the same few everywhere I looked.


Turn Off Your Water
I don’t know of anyone who waters their garden during the dead of winter. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your plumbing company, and they should be able to provide guidance. Also make sure you get an irrigation professional to take a look at your irrigation system if you have one!


Clean Out the Gutters
Make sure you take a bucket or a trash bag, and get to climbing! Clean out your gutters to make sure nothing stays in there and freezes. That can end up doing long-term damage. If you don’t like doing this each year, it’s not a bad idea to invest in gutter guards.


Find a Good Temperature
Program your thermostat to turn on every time your house hits a certain degree. In the long run, this ends up being cheaper than turning it up and down all the time. You can save a ton of money each month just by turning it down a few degrees. So grab some sweatshirts and blankets and snuggle up!


Change Your Filters
Clogged filters are basically a way to throw away your money. You’re A/C and heating unit have to work almost twice as hard to heat and cool your home if you have clogged up filters.


Reverse the Fan
Reversing your fan pushes warm air down, instead of toward the ceiling. I don’t think this needs much more explanation than that.