Earth Day, April 22, made its debut in 1970 to raise awareness about the environment.  Founded by Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day was established to raise awareness about air and water pollution and overall environmental protection. 

Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union helps protect the environment in different ways.  With efforts of staying green, the Credit Union hosts free shred days open to the public. All items are shredded on-site and later recycled. To date, the Credit Union has recycled 968,000 tons of paper, saving 8,300 trees!

Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union partnered with VendoMax and the Pinnacle at Turkey Creek to install Tennessee’s first solar charging station, the Solar Z. Solar Z is powered 100% by solar energy. Solar panels located on the awning charge a battery system powering the unit for 24 hours a day. Shoppers can take a break to charge their devices anytime. At night, Solar Z provides light over the seating bench. 

Protecting the Earth begins with you! Together we can help improve air quality and protect the environment.


Saving energy is easy! From turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, to unplugging a lamp not being used, thinking of the little things can save energy and utility costs!         

Light bulbs are another way to reduce energy use.  Trade out old bulbs for compact energy efficient bulbs to reduce energy use and be sure to turn out lights when that aren’t being used! 


As Earth’s population grows, so does the trash!  Recycling helps renew resources and reduce landfill use.  Reusing items helps too! Donate newspapers to animal shelters or ask your local grocery store about trading in empty glass containers.  Most communities have recycling centers accepting cans, plastic, paper, and glass. 


A little change can go a long way in reducing water use! Instead of buying disposable water bottles, buy a reusable bottle and fill it up as home! If you buy a disposable water bottle, recycle it when you’re done! Making sure to turn off the faucet when water isn’t being used, or even fixing a leaky faucet can reduce your water use and the costs of your will bill. 

The earth provides everything we need, but we are responsible for protecting the environment. Recycling, fixing leaky faucets and using solar powered items helps reduce our impact!