The holiday season has come to an end and people are packing away Christmas trees, lights, and holiday décor. However, the expense from holiday activities stays long after the decorations are stored in the attic.  Instead, the thought of “I will never payoff my holiday expense” lingers in the back of our minds month after month after month.  It doesn’t have to though!  Through a Home Equity Line-of-Credit, holiday expenses, or any expense for that matter, can soon become holiday freedom. 


Extra Money

Did you know you have extra money laying around in your house?  It is right in front of you!  Most homeowners often forget they have extra money in their home.  This is called equity.  The difference between the value of your home and what you owe gives you extra money.  A little extra money allows your wallet to expand and allows you to take a breath.  Taking out a Home Equity Line-of-Credit allows you to tap into unused cash and add some money back into your pocket.  


Debt Consolidation

The holiday season can often bring credit card debt.  Sliding a credit card seemed so easy at the time, but now the statements are rolling in, extra money changes to no money and the bill pile on the bar is growing.  Instead of hassling with all those credit card statements, open a Home Equity Line-of-Credit to consolidate several payments into one low monthly payment.  Since the loan is backed by collateral, you don’t have to fear those high interest rates that come with having a credit card.  Let your home work for you by taking advantage of the low rates your home’s equity can bring.


Easy Access

A Home Equity Line-of-Credit provides you with easy access to money.  Unlike a closed-end loan, lines of credit provide people with cash anytime.  Through the use of a Visa Access Card, you have access to the equity in your home right at your fingertips.  No more going to the Credit Union every time you need money, just use your Access card and draw on the funds available in your HELOC. 


Now, take a deep breath and stop worrying about those pesky expenses from the holidays.  Let us take the stress off by helping you open a HELOC.  Contact us at or (865) 544-5409 to get started today!

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