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Youth Banking

Jump Start Savings Account

Jump start your child's financial wellness by opening a Jump Start Savings Account. This savings account is for anyone age 17 and under to begin practicing smart financial habits and jump start their saving ability!

Account features

  • Higher dividend rate for the first $500
  • $5 minimum balance
  • Financial education opportunities

Money Tree Young Members Club

The Money Tree Young Members Club is designed to help children save by teaching them about money. With fun online games for kids, and free resources and activities for parents, a Money Tree Account is the perfect way to get started!

  • For kids up to 12 years of age
  • No monthly fee
  • $5 minimum balance requirement
  • Saving and spending cans
  • Money Tree money log
  • Fun online games and activities
  • Special Kids' Days

Educational Savings Account

The Educational Savings Account is a high-yield savings account to help save for higher education costs. It must be open for a minimum of three years and pays out on your child’s college entrance date or 18th birthday, whichever comes first. With no minimum opening deposit required, it’s a great way to save!

Any withdrawal from the Educational Savings Account prior to set requirements will close the account and result in a penalty (some exceptions may apply). The dividend on the Educational Savings Account adjusts annually on January 1 based on the 36-121 month certificate rate in effect on December 31.

Open an Educational Savings Account

Estimating College Costs

You've heard the figures - college education is expensive. All those benefits of personal growth, expanded horizons and increased lifetime earning power come at a price that increases every year.

Find out more about Money for College

How Grandparents Can Help

As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many grandparents are stepping in to help. This trend is expected to accelerate as baby boomers, many of whom went to college, become grandparents and start gifting what is predicted to be trillions of dollars over the coming decades. Grandparents can open an Educational Savings Account for grandchildren at birth and make regular deposits to assist in higher education costs.

Tennessee Resources

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation

It's hard to talk about college without mentioning financial aid. In many cases, financial aid may be the deciding factor in whether or not a child attends the college of his or her choice, or even attends college at all. That is why it is important to develop a basic understanding of financial aid before a child applies to college. Without such knowledge, you may have trouble understanding the process of aid determination, filling out the proper aid applications, and comparing the financial aid awards a child receives.

Learn more at TSAC