2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Simply Smart 2018–2019 Grant Recipients

Blount County

Alcoa High School

Alcoa High School used grant funds to begin a school-based enterprise for special education students. Students plan the menu, market the luncheon, prep, cook and serve the food bi-weekly at teacher luncheons.  The project gives special education students real-life work experience and teaches job-related soft skills. 

Heritage High School

Heritage High School used grant funds for two projects. Heritage purchased globalization case studies, materials, guides, and posters for the AP Human Geography and AP Psychology. Grant funds also sent teachers to the annual TCSS conference, where they obtained invaluable resources and information to bring back to the school.

Maryville High School

Maryville High School purchased oodle movement stools and adjustable tables to add to their existing kinesthetic classroom. 

Samuel Everett School of Innovation 

Samuel Everett School used funds to go towards painting student restrooms and classrooms with inspirational quotes to motivate and inspire at risk students. 

William Blount High School

William Blount High School purchased basic toolkits for students to use while documenting and exploring their 45 forested acres.  Students engage in ongoing monitoring of water quality of streams, sharing results internationally with the GLOBE program. Parameters studied include water turbidity, pH, nitrates, dissolved oxygen content and macroinvertebrate biodiversity.

Hamblen County

Morristown East High School

Morristown East High School purchased print resources regarding parenting and early childhood literacy for the library. These resources are promoted to parents, students who are teen parents, students who are caretakers of young siblings or relatives and those who are seeking careers in early childhood education. 

Morristown West High School

Morristown West purchased new whiteboards for classrooms. These boards help teachers display relevant information and engage in class activities. 

Jefferson County

Jefferson County High School

Jefferson County High School used grant funds to purchase a FlashForge Dreamer and filament rolls. Students designed cones and fins to build rockets and learned about 3D printing. 

Knox County

Austin East Magnet High School

Austin East used grant funds to start a book club in hopes of increasing independent student reading and love of books. Several high-interest books were purchased that were meaningful and relevant to students.  

Bearden High School

Bearden High School used grant funds for the Engineering class. They purchased welding supplies for the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. Students designed, built and tested a NASA moon rover and competed in a competition. Students worked in teams to design different systems, drafting their ideas in SolidWorks, and then physically building the machine.

Career Magnet Academy

Career Magnet Academy purchased specimen slides, storage containers, compound light microscope and a handheld scope for biology and anatomy classes. Microscopy enables students to view things that cannot be seen in everyday life, as well as learning proper microscope techniques.   

Carter High School

Through the Simply Smart Grant, Carter High School purchased new textbooks and equipment for the Health and Science Program.  

Central High School

Central High School used grant funds to purchase classroom upgrades to increase shop safety, improve efficiency in learning and create a more realistic industry environment. Upgrades included rolling shop stools, step stools, retractable air compressor hose, retractable cord reels with work lights and heavy duty extension cords. 

Farragut High School

Farragut High School used grant funds to purchase items for Pi Day. Pi Day is a day where all Math classes participate in activities like Pi Olympics, Pi Bingo and more. Items purchased included cases of moon pies, hoops, foam flying discs, drinks, snacks and more!

Fulton High School

Fulton High School purchased 15 TI-84 calculators for students to use in the classroom and when taking the ACT. 

Gibbs High School

Gibbs High School used the grant funds to purchase kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies and food items for CDC students to sell to staff and students. Running a classroom business helps students learn real-world skills. 

Halls High School

Halls High School used their grant funds to support the goal of increasing student readiness for college and career. They purchased tablets, chairs and a mobile whiteboard to assist students.

Hardin Valley Academy

Hardin Valley Academy used grant funds to purchase iPads with interactive lab software designed to develop student listening and speaking skills in Chinese. 

Karns High School

Karns High School purchased a washer and dryer for the culinary arts program and assisting CDC students when learning life skills. 

L&N STEM Academy

L&N Stem Academy used grant funds towards an ACT workshop. They purchased lunch and refreshments, materials and software, recognition plaques and signs for students.

Paul L Kelly Volunteer Academy

Paul L Kelly used grant funds for their school PBIS program in hopes of increasing student and parent attendance. Funds help purchase meals for students as a way to incentivize them to attend school and parents to attend school meetings and events.


Powell High School

Powell High School used grant funds to purchase IXL.com! IXL.com is an online program that helps students practice Algebra problems and prepare them for tests.

South Doyle High School

South Doyle High School used grant funds for their incentive program. They purchased items to stock the school store where students could spend their earned points for items. 

West High School

West High School used the Simply Smart Grant student book projects.  Books were purchased related to student selected issues of focus. Students learned to develop empathy with topics and worked together with other students to research and discover ways of addressing their selected images. Students then presented to presentations.


Loudon County

Greenback High School

Greenback High School used grant funds to purchase an iPad, Lego Mindstorms Core sets, and spark robots. These items helped students be actively involved in the learning process of coding and robotics.

Lenoir City High School

Lenoir City High School purchased calculators for students to use during class and for homework. 

Loudon High School

Loudon High School purchased materials for activities such as coding, robotics circuits and software for STEM classes.

Roane County

Harriman High School

Harriman High School has several school instruments in need of repairs. Grant funds went towards repairing all instruments.

Midway High School

Midway High School used grand funds to start a females STEM club for females interested in engineering and robotics. They purchased 3D filaments, robotics supplies and other kit materials for students.

Oliver Springs High School

Oliver Springs High School used funds to several different STEM projects such as Art Bots, vinyl design, weather stations, woodworking, game design and more.

Roane County High School

Roane County High School used funds for STEM activities for STEM Camp 2019.


Rockwood High School

Rockwood High School use grant funds to replace old skeleton and human torso models in their Biology labs. 

Sevier County

Gatlinburg-Pittman High School

Gatlinburg-Pittman High School used grant funds to restock common supplies teachers' purchase throughout the year out of pocket. Items included novel guides, movies to pair with books, flash drives, expo markers, binders, whiteboard cleaner, Clorox wipes and more!

Northview Academy

Northview Academy used the Simply Smart grant to create a space for special education students to engage in appropriate sensory stimulation.

Pigeon Forge High School

Pigeon Forge High School used their grant funds to go towards flexible seating in the classroom to foster a more collaborative and comfortable learning environment. Modular tables and chairs make is easy for groups of students to plan and complete assignments.

Sevier County High School

Sevier County High School purchased electronic balances and Vernier LabQuests. Students experience hands-on learning working with the lab equipment.

Seymour High School

Seymour High School used grant funds to build a classroom library of French materials including novels, readers, books and magazines. In addition, they used grant funds to implement online sight-reading exercises in all choral classrooms. 

Sullivan County

Dobyns-Bennett High School

Dobyns-Bennett High School used grant funds community service events throughout the year. Events include canvas painting classes, bird house building and decorating, photography and craft classes with assisted living patients. 

Sullivan Central High School

Sullivan Central High School used grant funds towards funding pianos for the Piano Technology lab. In addition, the counseling office purchased a MacBook Air to help students apply for colleges and complete FAFSA applications. 

Sullivan East High School

Sullivan East High School used the grant funds to towards cooking supplies, gardening supplies, sewing kits and more for special education students in their Life Skill Worked based learning.

Sullivan North High School

Sullivan North High School used grant funds to purchase classroom novel sets for English classes. 

Sullivan South High School

Sullivan South High School used grant funds to purchase two monochrome cameras, lenses, mounts and domes for their All Sky Project. Students can study astronomy and see real-life photos.


Tennessee High School

Tennessee High School purchased two large flat screen TV's for the weight room to display workout information, safety techniques and school information. 

Johnson City

Science Hill High School

Science Hill used their grant funds to purchase new 3D printers for science classrooms.

Eligibility Criteria: (1) Employed full-time as an educator at an eligible public high school, (2) Intends to continue teaching in the consecutive school year, and (3) Project grant funds may be used for registration fees, but not for transportation.