2017-2018 Grant Recipients

Simply Smart 2017–2018 Grant Recipients

Blount County

Alcoa High School

Alcoa High School used grant funds for registration fees at the DECA State Competition. The Competition allows students to show mastered content learned in the classroom. The Competition teaches students how to present information in a professional environment. Alcoa had several students place first in the state for their community service project. 

Heritage High School

The Collision Repair Classes at Heritage High School purchased a Dent Fix Maxi-Multiple Pull Resistance Welder to use for dent removal and auto repairs. Students use modern equipment in Collision Repair Shop and learn skills they can apply directly to their professional field. 

Maryville High School

Maryville High School purchased adjustable workstations and exercise desks to create a kinesthetic classroom. Through a kinesthetic classroom, students have the independence to create their learning environment. Exercise has been linked to improving learning, such as direct correlation to reading fluency and memory.   

William Blount High School

William Blount High School used grant funds to purchase Junior Achievement workbooks for students in Personal Finance.

Hamblen County

Morristown East High School

Morristown East High School used grant funds to create a kinetic learning classroom. They purchased mini cycle exercise bikes, desk risers and exercise balls to provide alternative seating for students.  

Morristown West High School

Morristown West purchased ten TI-84 Plus CE calculators and charging stations. Students who do not own a calculator may use the calculators for class. The charging station helps save on the cost and keep batteries out of landfills.  

Jefferson County

Jefferson County High School

Jefferson County High School used grant funds to upgrade their Makerspace. They purchased materials including an airbrush system, metal casting tools, table saw and more. 

Knox County

Bearden High School

Bearden High School used grant funds to create a Comprehensible World Language Library. The library provides students with a range of materials to help them acquire foreign language skills.  

Career Magnet Academy

Career Magnet Academy used their grant funds to purchase six high precision scales for each lab station. Having more scales allows students to collaborate and conduct experiments with other students.  

Carter High School

Through the Simply Smart Grant, Carter High School purchased new text books and hair products for the cosmetology program. Each year, the program uses 10 gallons of shampoo, 50+ cans of hairspray, bobby pins and more. With new text books and products, students have more opportunities to practice skills and master standards.   

Central High School

Central High School used grant funds to purchase a new goggle sanitation cabinet and 240 pairs of new goggles. Students will be able to conduct lab experiments safely.

Farragut High School

Farragut High School purchased 40 stools for the art classroom. The stools allow students to move freely while creating art.

Fulton High School

Fulton High School purchased bilingual books for Spanish speaking students. Adding more books will assist students and contribute to continued learning of foreign languages.

Gibbs High School

Gibbs High School used the grant funds to purchase licensing for Turn It In Feedback Studio.  Turn It In allows students to submit papers and check their work for plagiarism.  Teachers will also use the tool when teaching students how to properly cite information. 

Halls High School

Halls High School purchased two outdoor picnic tables for the Art Department. Students can use the outdoor space for artistic endeavors.  

Hardin Valley Academy

Hardin Valley Academy used grant funds to purchase iPads with interactive lab software designed to develop student listening and speaking skills in Chinese. 

Karns High School

Karns High School purchased five ipad mini's and cases for the mathematics learning lab. The addition of the iPads to the existing iPads allows each student to user their own individual iPad for the lab.   

L&N STEM Academy

L&N Stem Academy purchased a 3D laser cutter for the Design Forge resource center. The resource center opens possibilities to animation development, simulation, 3D models, product modeling, prototypes and more. 

Powell High School

Powell High School used the grant funds to purchase ten Chromebooks to provide daily academic and technical learning opportunities to CTE students.

South Doyle High School

South Doyle High School used the grant funds to purchase 15 DNA model kits. The kits give students the opportunity to determine DNA structures and functions. Students learn to problem solve through clues and hints to explore the DNA model. 

West High School

West High School used the Simply Smart Grant to expand the PBIS Store. The Positive Behavior Intervention and Support store aims to improve school climate and behavior by deliberately teaching and reinforcing classroom and social expectations. Students get rewards for positive behaviors in the classroom.   

Loudon County

Greenback High School

Greenback High School used grant funds to purchase Spanish novels, audiobooks and teacher guides for Spanish I and II students. Students learn reading comprehension, vocabulary and problem solving skills in Spanish.  

Lenoir City High School

Lenoir City High School purchased folding tables, KUTA software for Algebra and Geometry and graphing calculators. Kuta assist teachers with math problems, test prep and material for lesson plans. 

Roane County

Harriman High School

Harriman High School purchased Raspberry Pi Starter kits allowing students to relate Python programming to real world projects.

Midway High School

Midway High School used grand funds to purchase four stage makeup kits, makeup applicators, remover, wound kits and special effects kits for the Theater Department. Students will experience hands on learning from local theatrical makeup artist through a three day workshop.  

Oliver Springs High School

Oliver Springs High School purchased solar robotics kits, circuit blocks and small engine building kits to use with special needs students. Students participate in hands on learning and practice following instruction manuals!

Roane County High School

Roane County High School purchased Chromebooks for students to use in the Senior transition course for college-bound students. Students use the Chromebooks to complete college applications, job applications, resumes and scholarships.

Rockwood High School

Rockwood High School purchased new dissecting equipment for Anatomy lab. Grant funds will also cover lab fees for students who cannot afford it. 

Sevier County

Gatlinburg-Pittman High School

Gatlinburg-Pittman High School used the grant funds to purchase six new novels for English students. Some of their books were lost in the wildfires. The new novels give teachers the opportunity to teach new material.

Northview Academy

Northview Academy purchased laboratory stools to accommodate the experiment tables in lab classrooms.

Pigeon Forge High School

The National Honor Society of Pigeon Forge High School used grant funds to open a hygiene and clothing closet for students. Over half of the students qualify for reduced or free lunches. Since the wildfires, many students do not have access to simple hygiene items or clothing items and in some cases are considered homeless.  

Sevier County High School

Sevier County High School used their grant funds to purchase sound equipment for the Choral and Drama Department.

Seymour High School

Seymour High School used grant funds to purchase two desktop computers for the Career Center. The Career Center is available to students and parents to provide a variety of resources and links to promote a comprehensive counseling program.

Sullivan County

Dobyns-Bennett High School

Dobyns-Bennett High School used grant funds to build an FRC pit for the robotics team. The pit is where robots and projects are worked on during competitions. The pit includes tool boxes, supplies, labeling equipment and more.  

Sullivan Central High School

Sullivan Central High School used the grant funds to purchase adaptive books for students with disabilities or difficulty reading.

Sullivan East High School

Sullivan East High School used the grant funds to purchase play money, calculators, cleaning supplies and water gardens for the extended resource classroom. Students learn how to determine a budget, balance a checkbook, clean and care for plant life. 

Sullivan North High School

Sullivan North High School used grant funds to start a Makerspace. Funds purchased Maker Tool set, inventor kits, silicon baseplate, gears and additional Makerspace materials. Students create projects and experiment with gears and other project related material.

Sullivan South High School

Sullivan South High School used grant funds to purchase a Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System. The nutrient delivery system prepares students for real-world careers in the greenhouse industry.

Tennessee High School

Tennessee High School purchased new and used fiction and non-fiction books to build a collection for students with disabilities. 

Eligibility Criteria: (1) Employed full-time as an educator at an eligible public high school, (2) Intends to continue teaching in the consecutive school year, and (3) Project grant funds may be used for registration fees, but not for transportation.