2015–2016 Grant Recipients

Simply Smart 2015–2016 Grant Recipients

Blount County

Heritage High School

Heritage High School used their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds to purchase physics lab equipment, a biology bacterial lab, biology student magazine subscription and digital scales. These investments will help student engagement in secondary science education! 

Maryville High School

Maryville High School teams photo Maryville High School was able to use their grant to improve student motivation by implementing the “Igniting Academic Success” program! Students participated in many different activities which promoted teamwork, problem solving, professionalism and more, all while learning in an engaging and enthusiastic environment!

William Blount High School 

William Blount High School used their grant funds to purchase an ELMO Document Camera to aid in the students’ learning in the classroom! 

Hamblen County

Morristown East High School

Morristown East High School purchased laptops for their technology lab. Having a technology lab with laptops enables students to apply for college and scholarships. The new laptops will provide many different opportunities to positively impact the students. 

Morristown West High School

Morristown West High School was able to purchase graphing software for the mathematics classrooms and Geometer’s Sketchpads 100 licenses that do not expire with SIMPLY SMART Grant funds! Adding these tools to their classroom environment will enhance their overall learning experience! 

Knox County

Bearden High School

Bearden High School used their grant funds to pay student registration fees for trade shows in Pigeon Forge and New York City. These trade shows allowed students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom into real-world settings. In these particular trade shows, students were able to experience how to run a company!

Carter High School 

Carter High School used their grant funds to purchase materials and assist in the creation of theater props for their school’s 2016 production! They were really able to bring to the stage to life and further their student’s dreams!

Carter High School stage backdrop with New York cityscape

Farragut High School

Farragut High School purchased Naviance College and Career Readiness software to create individualized student course plans, track student progress, and aid in the college application process. Students will greatly benefit from the extra support and college readiness tools! 

Fulton High School

Fulton High School was able to purchase a washer, dryer, and stove for their Comprehensive Development Classes with their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds. These appliances will give students the opportunity for hands-on learning and life skill development! 

Gibbs High School

Gibbs High School used their grant funds to purchase a 3D printer for their Architectural and Engineering class! This addition prepares students for their future schooling and career. Having tools like this in classrooms encourages higher student engagement and enjoyment! 

Halls High School

Halls High School used their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds to purchase a mobile art display board! This display will be used to showcase student art in the community! The students will gain much deserved recognition for their artwork and this will increase engagement and enjoyment in the classroom. 

Hardin Valley Academy

Hardin Valley Academy used their grant funds to implement an Honor's Recruitment event for rising 9th-grade students. The funds covered meal invitations, materials for the event and a breakfast reception. With this event, Hardin Valley hopes to increase student enrollment in AP and honors courses! These higher level courses help students develop and prepare for life after high school! 

Karns High School

Karns High School purchased 6 iPad Mini's, cases for the iPad Mini's and TI-Inspire CAS apps to further student engagement and involvement in the classroom. These tools will add hands-on learning experiences!

L&N STEM Academy

With SIMPLY SMART Grant funds, L&N Stem Academy purchased Arduino Kits and Raspberry PI Resources in order to learn how to design a solar-powered system that will sit on the roof adjacent to Knox County panels.

Paul L. Kelly Volunteer Academy

Powell High School

Powell High School used their grant funds to purchase a "Knowledge Matters Virtual Business Simulation" that will give students real-world knowledge about the field of business.

South Doyle High School 

South Doyle High School used their grant funds to start phase one of their three phase band uniform makeover by purchasing 100 new Shakos and Plumes! Their current uniforms are 15+ years old so they are updating their materials to better reflect the pride they have in their students and school!

South Doyle High School band member in uniform

Loudon County

Greenback School

Greenback School purchased laptops for students without computer access at home. Students are able to check-out the laptops and take them home to use on school-related assignments and more!

Lenoir City High School

Lenoir City High School used their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds to purchase Real Math sensors, microphone sensors, textbooks and tuning forks. Adding these tools and resources to their classrooms positively impact student learning and engagement.

Loudon High School

With their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds, Loudon High School purchased 250 pounds of clay and three packs of glaze for their Bowls of Hope organization. Students make bowls and sell them at their annual fundraiser. All proceeds are donated to Loudon County Good Samaritan Community Center! 

Roane County

Harriman High School

Harriman High School students using CNC router Harriman High School used their grant funds to purchase a computer numerical control (CNC Router System) that allows students to design and manufacture products digitally and bring them to life. The students are creating wooden puzzles of different shapes and sizes, manufacturing them and giving the final product to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital! What a great way to combine education and service!

Midway High School

Midway High School purchased hammers, tape measures, drill bits, levels, routers and Dremel sets for the shop classes with their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds! Having these materials enhances the class, student engagement, and student engagement! 

Oliver Springs High School

Oliver Springs High School purchased a Macbook Pro and Microsoft Office software with the intentions of helping students apply for college and scholarships! Having these tools allows students to use them for scholarship essays and online application processes. 

Roane County High School

Roane County High School used their grant funds to purchase LabQuest (two interfaces that collect sensor data and graphs analytics),  a gas sensor, pH sensor, colorimeter, and an energy sensor to aid in students’ understanding of science. These tools will enhance their classrooms and the experience available to students! 

Sevier County

Northview Academy

With their SIMPLY SMART Grant Funds, Northview Academy purchased 30 books of each of the following: The Scarlett Letter, A Farewell to Arms, The Grapes of Wrath, Spoon River Anthology, and Of Mice and Men. Having these books will enhance their English and reading endeavors. 

Pigeon Forge High School

Pigeon Forge High School used their grant fund to purchase a 4-day AP Summer Institute, calculus calculator labs, TI-Emulator Software, TI CBR2, and Barron’s AP Calculus Test Prep. By purchasing these resources, students are exposed to greater support in the classroom. 

Sevier County High School

Sevier County High School used their grant funds to purchase three Epson DC-11 Document cameras, which will allow the entire English department give immediate student feedback while in class. 

Seymour High School

Seymour High School used their grant funds to purchase three Mimio Pads and a video document camera that will allow teachers to walk around and assist students during instruction. These tools will also allow students to show their work in class on a larger scale. 

Sullivan County

Dobyns-Bennett High School

Dobyns-Bennett High School’s Broadcasting Department used their SIMPLY SMART Grant funds to purchase three video tripods. The new tripods ensure professional productions while helping the students gain experience for future success. The students are very excited to have these additions to create top-notch projects!

Dobyns-Bennett High School broadcasting students with new video tripods

Sullivan Central High School

Sullivan Central High School used their grant funds to purchase a Kindle Fire Station Rotation. Having a rolling Kindle Fire station gives all students the opportunity to learn while creating a hands-on engaging environment!

Johnson City

Science Hill High School

Science Hill High School used their grant funds to implement an extended contract for a Certified English Teacher that will provide tutoring and homework help through their “Reading for Success” program. Up to 75 students are able to participate in small group settings or one-on-one!


Eligibility Criteria: (1) Employed full-time as an educator at an eligible public high school, (2) Intends to continue teaching in the consecutive school year, and (3) Project grant funds may be used for registration fees, but not for transportation.