Stay on top of your holiday budget with our Christmas Club Savings Account!

Ever wondered where the cheery, midsummer celebration got its start? Or why Christmas trees reemerge every July in stores along with Christmas music? (If you guessed that it was some marketing scheme thought up by retailers or department stores, you’d be in good company!) But the tradition is actually deeply rooted in friendship and fun and got its start right here in the South.


After the Great Depression, there was little reason to celebrate. Yet up in the mountains of North Carolina, hard times just meant getting more creative with what you had. It was during the summer of 1933 that Keystone Camp held the very first “Christmas in July” where campers exchanged handmade gifts and got crafty with decorations. It was such a hit that over the years the tradition evolved to include elves, reindeer and makeshift stockings.


Nowadays, everyone likes to get in on the fun! Small businesses to corporate companies to even the movie industry have picked-up on this merry summer holiday. Andy why not? Extra reasons to celebrate are always a good idea!

That spirit of celebration is also what led us to create our Christmas Club Savings Accounts. Because sharing what you have with those you love, shouldn’t be stressful. Join the tradition today with our Christmas Club, and enjoy the holidays for what they were always intended to be.


Christmas Club Savings Accounts are a great way to alleviate holiday stress. It enables you to plan ahead and budget for the holidays, so that when December rolls around all you have to worry about is the shopping! To find out more information about our Christmas Club Savings Accounts, visit or visit one of our branches today. Because the only thing we want you to worry about around the holidays is spending time with the people you love the most.