A football-filled fall season for most, is the best time of year! Football, especially in the South, is a huge deal. We will wake up at 6am to snag the prime tailgating spot even if the game doesn’t start until 7pm! Tailgating is a big deal and football season is really more a lifestyle.


For some of the die-hard tailgaters, financial commitments aren’t that important; but to some, the financial side of tailgating can be pretty stressful. Game day expenses can add up quite quickly. There are weekly expenses and one-time expenses. Some weekly expenses include: paying to park, food, drinks and tickets. One-time expenses include: camping chairs, a tent, a table and any other tailgating comfort necessary to create the ultimate experience. Expenses vary depending on the people, place and opponent, but overall, being a die-hard football fan isn’t cheap.


Here are a few ways to tailgate without breaking the bank. 



Instead of one single person paying to park in a $30 lot, bring along two or three friends, and split the cost! If you have a larger SUV, you can fit all the tailgating supplies and a few friends into one car making the parking fee much easier to swallow! If you park in a $30 lot and have 4 people then you’re only paying $7.50 a person, which is much easier to accept in exchange for a shorter walk to the stadium and a top-notch tailgate spot!


Everyone Chip In

Most of the time there isn’t just one person tailgating. More often than not, there is a core group of tailgaters who are loyal each week. Instead of one person providing all the food, everyone should chip in and bring something! If someone brings the two-liters, someone else brings the chips, so on and so forth, then each individual will chip in around $10 making the cost of food less intimidating! Switch up who brings what week to week to keep things fair and even.


Buy Early

Saving money when purchasing tickets to the football game isn’t as easy. Ticket prices aren’t made for bargain shoppers, but there are a few secrets to getting better deals and the most important tip is to buy tickets early. Ticket prices rise and fall depending on the ranking of the team. For example, Tennessee Volunteer tickets are skyrocketing in price currently because we… I mean they… are 5-1 and ranked in the top 10! So those who bought tickets prior to the hype, received tickets at lower prices. Those shopping for tickets as we speak are purchasing tickets at much higher rates. Also, contrary to popular belief, sometimes it’s a better deal to purchase season tickets! Season ticket holders receive tickets at face-value after making a donation. The donation can be expensive depending on seat location, but when tickets are selling for 5x the face-value, these individuals could end up saving more! Overall, saving money on tickets isn’t a sure fire guarantee.




The fun of football season outweighs the financial strain in most cases. The memories made with family and friends will last a lifetime and for most, that’s all that matters! Enjoy the remainder of football season, and may all your teams succeed!