3 Ways to SaveOne of the best things about October is Halloween.

For children, this is a time to dress up as their favorite TV show or movie character and fill pillow sacks with candy.

For adults, this is a time for get-togethers and fun parties with friends and an endless amount of Halloween themed finger foods, snacks and more!

While planning for all the fun that comes with Halloween, it can become intimidating thinking about the financial side. Party store pre-made costumes can cost a fortune and throwing parties can take a lot of time… and money.


Luckily, we live in a world of DIY and Dollar Stores that make Halloween endeavors easier and more affordable.



DIY Halloween costumes are one of the best ideas anyone ever had. Party stores sell costumes, but 99% of the time they cost an arm and a leg! Instead of splurging on a ready-made costume, get creative and make one yourself. Creating your own costume can help you save big this season! Check places like Pinterest, Google and more for DIY ideas. You can also go to a party store, find a costume you really like and imitate it with your own DIY materials!


Party Décor

It’s not Halloween without spooky spiders and scary ghosts, but planning these events can become overwhelming due to the rising cost of party décor! If you’re the host, you’re always hunting for the most lifelike and cool decorations! Instead of going to the party store, try places like the Dollar Store! They have great decorations and plenty of supplies so you can DIY! For example, try creating a Halloween photo booth by using plastic table cloths, streamers, paint and more which, in total, will cost $5 or less! Bargain hunting is the way to go when it comes to Halloween decorations!


Scary Snacks

Creating Halloween themed scary snacks has to be one of the most fun parts of Halloween party planning! At a glance, these snack creations can look difficult, expensive and time consuming, but in reality most are super simple! One of the easiest and least expensive themed party snacks is chocolate dipped pretzels! You can make pumpkins, mummies, zombies and more with chocolate, fun edible eyes and pretzels! Use white chocolate, pretzel sticks and eyes to make fun mummy sticks! Use twisted pretzels, white chocolate dyed orange and green M&M’s for the stem, to make pretzel pumpkins and use white chocolate dyed green, twisted pretzels, and crazy edible eyes to create zombie pretzels! For all the different pretzel variations, you’ll spend less than $15! How nice is that? You can check resources like Pinterest and Google for more simple DIY Halloween snacks!


All in all, Halloween is a holiday made for celebrating! Make the most of October 31st this year without breaking the bank! Have a safe and fun day spent with family and friends!!


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Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union has no affiliation with Pinterest, The Dollar Store, Google or any of the above mentioned stores/resources. We have mentioned these to purely inspire a happy Halloween filled with savings and DIY!