Mem·ber noun

1.     An individual, thing or organization belonging to a group.


Mem·ber·ship noun

1.     The fact of being a member of a group.


Credit unions thrive off their Membership. Without Members, credit unions would not exist. Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union is a Member-owned and locally-operated credit union that takes valuing its Membership to the next level. Everything the Credit Union does is for its Membership. Once you are a Member of the Credit Union, you are also a Member of our Credit Union family. New products, services and benefits are always being created to show appreciation and to take the appreciation even further, TVA Credit Union has created an annual day of celebration for Members.


This year, Member Appreciation Day is Friday, October 21! On this day, every branch will host a celebration to say thank you for being a member!  The Credit Union is proud to serve and keep serving our communities. When the Credit Union was established in 1934, it was built on the principle of helping and serving others. 82 years later, we are still thankful to be operating in ways to help and serve others. We owe all of this to our family, our Members. Thank you for all you do!


Visit a Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union location on Friday, October 21st for a celebration and giveaways while quantities last to celebrate YOU!


Member Appreciation Day