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EFFECTIVE 06-01-2017

3.49% APR

Applies to new and current credit cards. See below for details.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate; rates subject to change. Applies to purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances made by new and current credit card holders during the promotional rate period of  June 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. The repayment period for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances made during the promotional rate period will expire December 31, 2018. Any remaining balance as of January 1, 2019 will revert to the current applicable credit card rate. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Eligibility for products and services may be subject to credit approval. Rate may vary based on credit worthiness. Some restrictions may apply.

Visa® Platinum Credit Card

The Credit Union offers the most widely accepted card when shopping, traveling or just in need of extra cash, with the purchasing power and attractive rate you expect and deserve.

The Visa Platinum Credit Card offers a variety of benefits:

  • Fixed interest rate
  • No annual fee
  • Generous grace period
  • Inquiries and payments handled at any Credit Union branch or by phone
  • Online account management through online banking
  • ATM access

First-time cardholder? Looking to build your credit history? Ask about the Savings-Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card. With rates starting as low as 3.99% APR, the card is secured by money already on deposit with the Credit Union (deposit must be 110% of the card limit). It's a great way to get started!

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EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) chip cards are more secure than magnetic stripes and they are simple to use. These cards are based on a global card payment standard (EMV) and are currently used in more than 80 countries. Chip cards and their terminals work together to keep your in-store payments safe. During a transaction, a unique one-time code is created in order to approve the transaction. This makes it nearly impossible to replicate in a counterfeit card.

Things to remember:

  • Large merchants will be the first to replace their old terminals with chip-activated ones, with smaller merchants to follow later.
  • Use your chip card wherever Visa is accepted. It also has a magnetic stripe for terminals that do not have an EMV slot yet.
  • You can still swipe your card wherever needed, or use it online or over-the-phone as usual.
  • If you swipe your card at a chip-enabled terminal, it will prompt you to insert the card in the chip slot.
  • Whether you insert or swipe your card, you are always protected from unauthorized transactions with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.
  • Your card is more secure when traveling internationally because of the chip.
  • Chip technology helps prepare for innovations like mobile commerce, which helps ensure payments in the future will be secure and convenient.

How to use a chip card:

1. Insert the chip end of the card into the terminal instead of swiping the card.
2. Keep your card in the terminal to complete your purchase.
3. Don’t forget to take your card when you leave.

A secure way to conveniently pay online.

Speed up your online payment process! Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to buy online without re-entering your Credit Union Visa Debit or Credit Card number and shipping details on websites where Visa Checkout is accepted. Click the “Visa Checkout” button when you shop online. You do not need to re-enter your card number. Enter your email address and password, and you’re done!

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Earn Rewards With Each Purchase

  • Earn points with each credit purchase – online, in-store, major purchases or day-to-day needs
  • Points valid at hundreds of stores, including national chains
  • Learn more and register your card

Use the Credit Union Visa® Debit or Credit Card for purchases and earn points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, vacations and more! If you have a personal account and debit or credit card, you are already enrolled. Visit UChoose Rewards to register and set up a username and password. Business debit cards not eligible for UChoose Rewards.

ALWAYS SAY CREDIT! Be sure to sign for debit transactions rather than entering a PIN, since only signature-based transactions earn reward points. If prompted for a PIN, but would rather sign for the purchase, simply ask the cashier to run the transaction as credit.

Verified by Visa adds an extra layer of security to make it harder for someone to use your Visa card to shop online in the event your Visa card or account number is lost or stolen. Each time a Visa debit or credit card is presented to make an online purchase at a participating merchant, a Verified by Visa window will appear displaying an authentication page. This service is designed to help prevent unauthorized online use before it happens.

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Most people use credit cards and understand how credit cards work.  However, if you're not careful, they could be costing you a lot of money.  Do you use cards for convenience or to live beyond your means?  What type of card do you use?  What is your interest rate?  What rewards or perks does your card provide?  Here are some credit card articles you may find interesting.

Types of Credit Cards - Know the differences between unsecured credit cards, secured credit cards, debit cards and other types of cards.

Choosing the Right Credit Card - Important things to consider if you are planning to open a new credit card.

Using Credit Cards Wisely - Suggestions for responsibly using credit cards and some warning signs that may signal trouble.

Photos aren’t just for frames! Enjoy seeing your favorite photo every time you make purchases by personalizing your debit or credit card. Designing your own card is fun and easy! Watch the tutorial to learn more!

Each card is $20 and will be mailed to you 15 business days after submitting your order.

Your account must be in good standing with the Credit Union and funds available in the account at the time the order is placed. Cards will not be ordered if funds are not available.

Image specifications:

  • Image can be jpeg, png, gif or tiff
  • Image must be at least 840 x 840 pixels and no more than 10 MB
  • Image must not contain copyrighted or inappropriate material

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