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Cashback Rewards

Get cash back offers with your Credit Union Visa® Debit Card!

The more you use your card, the more you get rewarded! Rewards are offered based on places and categories you have shopped using a Credit Union Visa Debit Card. Your debit card must be linked to a checking account to receive cash back offers, and your rewards will be directly deposited!  


About Rewards:

  • Between 5% and 15% at major retailers
  • Offers become more specific to you the more your card is used
  • Must click on the reward to activate it 
  • Offers are for a limited time, so check the expiration date! 
  • Can be accessed through Online Banking or the Mobile App


Note: Though they are personalized offers based on spending habits, no information is provided to third parties. Cashback Rewards deposit time varies based on merchant policies.